Sheboatin' and Shebikin' Pedal Tours

Shebikin' Exclusive Specials- (DT=Downtown route, CR=Craft Route)

We've partnered with a multitude of local business to bring you the best specials in town while your on Shebikin'.

Drink Specials

NZ's Bar and Grill (DT)

4 for $10 Skyy bombs

$2 rail tubs

5 for $10 domestics

GM's (DT)
Mon.: Happy hour 4pm - 7pm, 2-4-1 Vodka drinks
Tue. & Sat.: Bomb & Drink for $5
Wed.: 2/$4 Captain Mixers
Thur.: 2-4-1 Drinks & Beer until 1am

Penn Avenue Pub (DT)

$3 Rail Tubs

$4 Rail Pints

$2.50 Domestic Bottles & Taps

Sly's Midtown Saloon (DT)

$2 Domestic Pints

Rewind (DT)

Happy Hour Pricing 11am - 6pm

$1 off all drinks after 6pm

The End Zone (CR)

$2.25- 16oz Vodka lemonades

$1.00- 16oz Milwaukee Best Light

Free drink coupon for next visit

Four of a Kind (CR)

2 for $4 Domestic Pints

2 for $5 Rail Drinks

Craft30 (CR)

Happy Hour pricing before tours

More coming soon!

Miscellaneous Specials

Sly's Midtown Saloon (DT)

$25 gift certificate giveaway

The End Zone (CR)

Free tote bag

NZ's Bar and Grill (DT)

Chance to win a free meal

Entered into 1/4 barrel party every month

More coming soon!