Sheboatin' and Shebikin' Pedal Tours

Shebikin' Route

Tours start at Craft30.

We've combined all the routes into one, you'll take Shebikin' down the main streets of Sheboygan. 8th street and Mich Ave are littered with bars and restaurants which will delight all your friends on board. 

Looking for more of a scenic tour? Take Shebikin' along the lake front and enjoy some of the iconic landmarks in Sheboygan.

Want to check out the river front? Take Shebikin' to the South Pier district and get an exceptional view of the riverfront while enjoying some of Sheboygan's waterfront attractions. 

Potential stops:
- Harbor Lights
~ GM's
~ Sly's Midtown Saloon
~ Parker John's BBQ and Pizza
~ NZ's Bar and Grill
~ Many more!!

Landmark stops:
~ Shipwrecked lumber boat
~ Harbor Center Marina
~ Deland Park
~ Light house
~ North side beach

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