Sheboatin' and Shebikin' Pedal Tours


Shebikin' is a pedal-powered, eco-friendly, city-crawler for up to 15 people. Shebikin' is powered by you and your fellow pedalers. It’s hard not to smile on Shebikin'!

- 15 person pedal-powered trolley
- Go on a tour by the river or lake, stop for a couple drinks a at a local pub or grab dinner.
- BYOB! Bring your own beer or wine cooler! Sorry, no hard liquor. 36 ounces of beer per person allowed on board.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no motor on Shebikin'! It is 100% pedal-powered. You're going to have to work for those stops; but trust us, those drinks taste so much better when you arrive.

We understand that not everybody is looking to work for their drinks, so make your friends pedal! There's a bench seat in the back and two bike seats with out pedals just for those looking to do a little more relaxing. But, if you have a thrill-seeking attitude and yearning for adventure, Shebikin' has 10 seats with pedals for you and your friends to drive all over the city.

Specials just for you!

We're currently working with many local establishments along the approved routes. Check out all the specials we have so far on the Specials tab.


You're in the 12th drunkest city in America so help us continue the tradition.

Feel free to BYOB and get ready for some great drink specials just for you!

All riders must show ID.


Want to try Shebikin' but don’t have enough people to fill a full tour?

Never fear!

On Mix N' Meet, you can buy spots on Shebikin' for only $35 a seat & start the night right.


Would you like to use Shebikin' at your next special event or business outing?

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events & more.

Please contact us for these special events at 920.676.3289