Shebikin' Pedal Tours

Downtown Route

On the Downtown Route you'll take Shebikin' down the main streets of Sheboygan. 8th street and Mich Ave are littered with bars and restaurants which will delight all your friends on board. This tour starts at NZ's Bar and Grill.

Potential stops:
- Harbor Lights
~ Legend Larry's
~ GM's
~ Sly's Midtown Saloon
~ Black Pig
~ Blue Lite
~ 8th Street Ale House
~ Urbane
~ Vreeke's
~ Rewind
~ NZ's
~ Brennan's
~ Sandee's
~ Hop's Haven
~ Many more!!

Craft Route

On the Craft Route you'll take Shebikin' down the south pier and get an exceptional view of the river. This tours starts at a new spot in Sheboygan called Craft30 which offers 30 craft brews from around the state. There are many stops along the way such as:

~ On The Rocks Bar and Grill
~ Lino Ristorante Italiano
~ South Pier Parlor (ice cream shop)
~ Angler's Avenue
~ Prohibition Bistro
~ Sprecher's Pub
~ Craft 30
~ Suscha's
~ Duke of Devon
~ Parker Johns BBQ
~ Pier 17
~ DJ's Sports Bar

Long Haul Route

This route is for the scenery seekers. Take in the lake front and enjoy some of the iconic landmarks in Sheboygan.

Landmark stops:
~ Shipwrecked lumber boat
~ Harbor Center Marina
~ Deland Park
~ Light house
~ North side beach